06 Jul 2017

Talk with Node-RED IoT

EtherCAT, PROFINET, MQTT, OPC-UA? Anyone who wants to partake in the fourth Industrial Revolution must speak IoT fluently. IBM’s open-source Node-RED software, installed on the MICA, now enables a simple visual “wiring” of communication networks and integrated processes for sensors and controllers to back-end systems and the cloud.

Node-RED is suitable for designing and integrating modern IoT architectures; it enables the “wiring” of digital components by creating workflows in a visual editor. This greatly reduces the amount of programming required for designing the integration processes. Node-RED is based on the Node.js programming language, which is quite popular for use in IoT projects because of its over 250,000 extensions and an active open source community.

Node-RED can be easily and securely installed

When installed on the MICA, Node-RED offers new possibilities for the versatile and efficient design of integration solutions for the acquisition/pre-processing of sensor and control data in back-end systems and the cloud. Node-RED can be easily and securely installed on the MICA thanks to its LXC container architecture.

The NODE-RED container for the MICA is available for download here …