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19 Aug 2019

MICA Road Test with Swimming Exam

Gough Lui from electronics distributor element14 has put the MICA Industrial IoT Kit to a practical test that has it all. First of all, say: MICA can not swim, but dive for a long time.

For two and a half weeks, the setup consisting of MICA USB and Bosch CISS sensor had to withstand the weather with temperature differences of more than 30 °C, including morning dew and blazing midday sun. Detailed information on the prevailing weather conditions during the course of the test is provided by the Node-RED Dashboard, which visualizes the values ​​measured by the CISS sensor such as temperature, humidity, pressure and brightness in a time curve. Power comes from a car battery, but only if the 15 watts solar panels cannot deliver.

Final Exam: Can MICA Swim?

As a final practice exam, the MICA was subjected to a swim test in a simple plastic tub filled with water. A quick check of the PushPull USB and M12 connectors and then the “jump” into the cold water. The result: Although MICA cannot swim, it can deliver data properly for over an hour under water. Exam passed!

In a second test, Gough demonstrates the functionality of the GPIO interface and the operation of the MICA in the higher temperature range up to the permissible 75 ° C limit. Again, MICA shows that it is “made to survive”.

02 Mar 2017

MICA certified for “Microsoft Azure for IoT“

HARTING MICA® zertifiziert für Microsoft Azure for IoT

Microsoft’s certification process places certain demands on end devices which work with Microsoft Azure services. As a result, the MICA went through a series of tests provided by Microsoft in order to evaluate the functionality of the hardware. The results validated by Microsoft mean MICA meets the requirements of the “Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT” programme.

The “Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT” programme is also intended to help speed up IoT projects with Azure by providing a set of available sensors and devices that are tested for usability and compatibility with the Azure IoT Suite. 
More information can be found on www.azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/marketplace/certified-iot-partners/.

With Azure, Microsoft provides a collection of integrated Cloud services to create, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of data centres.