18 Aug 2017

nemetris GmbH

Active since 2013 as an independent company on the market, Nemetris GmbH helps companies from the automotive industry and discret manufacturing making their production more flexible and efficient. The nemetris team relies on over 15 years of experience in international projects. One focus is the “nemetris Smart Industry Apps”. These software components provide modular MES (Manufacturing Execution System) functions, integrating the entire infrastructure – from the machine to the cloud. In this way, companies can implement versatile end-to-end services so that processes can be represented. The nemetris JIS’s own just-in-sequence solution is a second focus. The software is connected extremely closely with production and depicts the complete JiS process – from accepting delivery schedules via EDI to sequencing and production scheduling to realisation of the tractability. www.nemetris.com www.smart-industry-apps.com

Use Cases from nemetris

• Web Dashboard for visualizing production data from different data sources