18 Aug 2017

Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics (IM&P) GmbH

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Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics (IM&P) GmbH is specialised in the development and commercialization of innovative predictive maintenance software solutions that optimise maintenance management for individual machines, complex systems and machine clusters. Anticipatory maintenance of these machines and systems helps to ensure extended operating times at the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs while simultaneously minimising unexpected failures that often lead to considerable consequential damage.

Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics (IM & P)
Contact: Sven Czekalla
Weinberweg 23
06120 Halle (Saale), Germany
Telephone: +49 345 2795 5611
Email: sven.czekalla@imprognostics.com
Web: https://www.imprognostics.com