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Being open for new ideas – this is the credo of the Do you have an idea for an application that you’d like to successfully implement with the help of MICA? Have you already developed an application with MICA? Or do you have expertise that could benefit other network partners? Then get involved with the! Partnerships in the are open to companies and entrepreneurs who:

  • Integrate MICA-based solutions into existing IT systems and provide their expertise in the areas of IT processes, automation and project management.
  • Are proficient in creating solutions for connecting the MICA platform with cloud services from different cloud providers.
  • Want to design, produce and market individual hardware components specifically for the MICA platform.
  • Want to design and market their own software solutions for the MICA platform or to offer services for creating customer-specific software applications.
  • Provide well-conceived complete solutions based on the MICA platform. Such solutions may consist of customised hardware, software, specialized peripherals, and other complementary services.

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