19 Aug 2019

MICA Road Test with Swimming Exam

Gough Lui from electronics distributor element14 has put the MICA Industrial IoT Kit to a practical test that has it all. First of all, say: MICA can not swim, but dive for a long time.

For two and a half weeks, the setup consisting of MICA USB and Bosch CISS sensor had to withstand the weather with temperature differences of more than 30 °C, including morning dew and blazing midday sun. Detailed information on the prevailing weather conditions during the course of the test is provided by the Node-RED Dashboard, which visualizes the values ​​measured by the CISS sensor such as temperature, humidity, pressure and brightness in a time curve. Power comes from a car battery, but only if the 15 watts solar panels cannot deliver.

Final Exam: Can MICA Swim?

As a final practice exam, the MICA was subjected to a swim test in a simple plastic tub filled with water. A quick check of the PushPull USB and M12 connectors and then the “jump” into the cold water. The result: Although MICA cannot swim, it can deliver data properly for over an hour under water. Exam passed!

In a second test, Gough demonstrates the functionality of the GPIO interface and the operation of the MICA in the higher temperature range up to the permissible 75 ° C limit. Again, MICA shows that it is “made to survive”.