18 Aug 2017

krumedia GmbH

Krumedia is a renowned software development company in Karlsruhe. For more than 15 years, “state of the art” software has been designed and developed here.

For several years, we have been specialising in energy management with the necessary infrastructure components. IoT is increasingly becoming an integral part of our range of solutions. Our products and OEM developments demonstrate our competence in many areas.

Our formula for success is simple: excellent software experts with a sound knowledge in the field of energy and infrastructure give rise to innovative developments. In the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), the goal is to put the complexity of networked energy components into playfully simple and attractive user interfaces. Our specialists have mastered powerful database systems and are just as confident with a variety of device interfaces, including all current web and Internet technologies and take into account the most stringent security requirements.

Do you need your own container for a MICA application? Ask us and we would be delighted to help you. Our specialists implement Docker implementations (even in virtual environments) according to your specifications and our formulas.

These formulas are called the KRU.

Have you already discovered your KRU?


Krumedia GmbH
Rommelstr. 1
76227 Karlsruhe

Phone +49 721 942697 – 0
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