Unlocking data – Digital transformation in small parts assembly

MTEK 4ZERO Solution provides real-time intelligent and collaborative production and adaptive automation for small parts assembly.


Small parts assembly in manufacturing is an areas which historically has been manual to a arge degree, with limited automation and digitalization.

Customer desire to transform also this area to achive:

  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Decrease cost of capital and lead times
  • Increase quality, performance and delivery precision
  • Improve ergonomics and work environment

This is achived with MTEK 4ZERO Solution.

Scope of Services

The MTEK 4ZERO Service provides a production workstation cell for small parts assembly – from initial assessment to operations support, including required HW and SW.

The service allows the customer to perform the assembly tasks for the for the defined use case of a workstation.

The MTEK 4ZERO Solution is an equipped workstations including collaborative robot, workstations table and, material feeder wagon. The table and feeder wagon incorporate RFID and MICA from HARTING, making the solution and processflow an integrated entity with full traceability, as well as proximity control.

The workstation also includes a SW Suite in MBrain to address the robot execution management and the management of the assembly process for the workstation and its defined use case.

  • Work towards a demand-driven one-piece flow production
  • Data flows seamlessly across process steps and decision making is becoming truly fact based
  • Modular and flexible standardized solutions simplify deployment and decrease cost
  • Less risk and increased agility by getting access to new technology and machinery through aaS business model
  • Improved ergonomics and work environment

MTEK Industry unlock data in small parts assembly to enable digital transformation.

MTEK refine and industrialize Industry 4.0 solutions bringing ground breaking solutions to the market by leveraging applied experience in production engineering & logistics.

The main offering of MTEK Industry is the MTEK 4ZERO Solution. The solution provides complete collaborative small parts assembly including robotics, traceability, access control and material handling. This enables small parts assembly in production to take a quantum leap in terms of performance, efficiency, and quality, by leveraging a full digitalization.

The offering brings together state of the art components from MTEK and partners – including Harting RFId and MICA enabling full traceability of production flow – into one scalable, robust and flexible solution. Clients can take full advantage of Industry 4.0 through the real-time awareness provided by the MTEK MBrain SW, a cloud-based assembly orchestration system.

Unlocking data – Digital transformation in small parts assembly

About Us

MTEK Industry AB, based in Alfta Sweden, develop and deploy SW and HW solutions for real-time intelligent and collaborative production, with a special focus on adaptive automation in small parts assembly.
Author Henrik Bergman
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