The system solution for cross-manufacturer and inter-technology networking

M2Xchange is a cross-manufacturer and inter-technology platform used to network the various participants in the process. The solution’s sub-components are used to integrate the most diverse types of participants.


• Consistent networking for all process participants
• Transparency in the corresponding processes
• Apps can be added at a later time to ensure future viability

Scope of Services

• Cross-manufacturer and inter-technology
• Connection to existing management information systems
• Involves all process participants (including people and machines)
• App development is open for all interested parties in the relevant industry environments


• Higher-level data/rights management allows existing systems, data and data ownership to be maintained
• Automated data collection, so less stress on the process participants
• Apps can be added to vehicles at a later time to ensure future viability
• Retrofitting

The m2Xchange networking platform, from m2Xpert, enables various process participants to cooperate across the boundaries of different companies and systems. Throughout the planning, implementation, documentation and billing stages – m2Xchange supports collaboration and information exchange between all parties involved (e.g. between people, machines and information systems).

The platform also allows external services to be installed in the form of applications onto the machines so that the relevant machine and process data can be made accessible in a safe manner.

m2Xchange consists of a central unit, as well as several mobile sub-components. The central unit, called the m2Xchange mediator, takes care of the planning, control and documentation of overlapping processes. A graphical web interface provides access to functions such as order management, access control, and a messaging system.

The mobile components include the m2Xchange mobile agent and various applications for smart phones and tablets. The m2Xchange mobile agent is a software component on the machine which enables intelligent networking between machines and the m2Xchange mediator. It can be used to transfer new functions and applications (m2Xchange apps) to the machine.

The applications for smart phones and tablets help to integrate employees into the process. This allows them to monitor, control or document the processes. Consumer devices can also be used as displays and operating units for the m2Xchange mobile agent.

Both the machines and the process controller in m2Xchange can be connected by system providers using defined interfaces. Thus, various process participants (e.g., retailers, manufacturers, service providers and consultants) can cooperate across different systems (e.g. management, logistics or control systems) throughout the planning, execution, documentation and billing stages).


About Us

The key expertise of m2Xpert is the development of intelligent cross-manufacturer networking platforms. m2Xpert enables all process participants to cooperate across the boundaries of different systems.
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