Simplifying mobile servicing by using machine monitoring and (process) control

Applications for mobile devices (such as the smart watch, tablet or mobile phone) which monitor machines are being created by combining different technologies.


• An efficient design for the servicing of decentralised systems (machines)
• Service tasks are generated automatically and case-specific

Scope of Services

• Monitoring and managing for distributed machine parks
• Managing and organising the appropriate service personnel
• Complete software development (back-end, front-end, mobile development)
• including maintenance and further development of the system


This custom solution can be adapted precisely to the needs of the customer, taking into account all specific requirements and ensuring useability for various users.
Akquinet is a mid-sized, German IT company with excellent expertise and references. We are versatile and can react flexibly to our customers' requirements in the course of our projects.

MICA sammelt lokal Daten und verarbeitet diese (Fog Cloud)
MICA collects and processes local data (fog cloud)

Imagine you are building a new business model that rents out machines (for example, a freezer). To get a competitive advantage, you guarantee that your superior service will ensure a longer uptime. The machines are monitored by sensors to achieve this. These sensors can then be connected to the MICA using USB, Bluetooth and/or WIFI.

 The collected data is processed on the MICA (fog cloud) and then sent over the network to a server system to be evaluated and archived. Necessary measures, such as servicing or emergency intervention, are then taken based on the status determined from this evaluation. Based on the results, schedules for service technicians are created.automatically and necessary measures are taken. The details about the status, location and required actions are sent to an appropriate service technician. The solution from Akquinet takes advantage of middleware, BPM, BRM and web technologies.


Unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Protokolle werden Information zwischen Sensoren, Servern und einer Anwendung für mobile Endgeräte (Smartwatch, Tablet oder Mobiltelefon) ausgetauscht
Using different protocols, information is exchanged between sensors, servers and a mobile application (running on a smart watch, tablet or mobile phone)

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