Secure data transfer via distinct VPN connections with MICA

Data transmission meeting the most stringent security requirements with the least administrative effort: using the SeComBo Suite on MICA.


• Data transmission on own VPN connections based on the strictest security requirements
• Cost-effective implementation using standardised hardware
• Cost-effective operations using standardised transmission paths
• Simple operations and integration into the applications

Scope of Services

• Construction of connection topologies within a distinct VPN over public networks
• Installation, management and organisation of the VPN using graphical interfaces
• Certificate creation and management are in your own hands
• VPN server as a cloud solution, private server or as an integral part of your application
• Installation, initial commissioning and planning of the system
• Training and maintenance according to customer requirements
• Continuous development and adaptation to new requirements


• This VPN solution allows data to be transported over any IP-based public network (e.g. WLAN, UMTS, LTE, cable-based).
• It is only limited by the hardware interfaces at the MICA.
• New technologies can be integrated at any time.
• You chose the type of service (leased/own VPN server, cloud solution, or integration into the application)

Local circumstances or strict company guidelines often block the M2M communications or data transmission paths. Especially in the case of connections over the local network, restrictive security requirements will prevent access in one direction or the other. Firewalls and technical restrictions are additional obstacles in the way of implementing modern technology. With the SeComBo suite, all of these problems are things of the past.

Oberfläche des SeComBo Clients auf einer MICA
SeComBo client interface on a MICA

The suite uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the data being transmitted. A dynamic networking of individual network nodes or complete networks is possible, independent of their physical topology.

Only simple operations, with complete transparency for the device involved, are required to accomplish all this – so that even the simplest network nodes can use these services. The central administrative functionality is web-based and does not require any additional software.

The centralised SeComBo server is the central interface for the control and design of the network. It can be made available as a cloud service, a stand-alone/hosted server or directly through its application. The server cannot decrypt the data but merely acts as a mediator.

All this is done using standardised MICA hardware and its enabled interface modules (WLAN, LAN, UMTS, LTE, LORA).

Beispielhafte Struktur eines SeComBo Netzwerkes
Example topology of a SeComBo network



Using krumedia’s SeComBo suite on the MICA, data can be transmitted worldwide under the most stringent security requirements with minimal administrative effort.

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