PLC-compliant programming on the MICA, in accordance with IEC 61131-3

PLC programming for the MICA in accordance with IEC 61131-3 extends the field of application and makes the system fit for automation technology.


• Simple, fast implementation of solutions based on proven PLC technology in accordance with IEC 61131-3
• Transparent solutions that are understood by every automation system – by using the standardised PLC languages
• Increase productivity by reusing application projects and project solutions

Scope of Services

• The logi.CAD 3 PLC engineering tool and logi.RTS PLC runtime system for MICA, includes MQTT, Modbus-TCP-Lib and MICA-IO-Lib.
• Download the logi.CAD 3 compact and professional for the MICA and other embedded systems from
• Training and consulting services for using MICA and programming with logi.CAD 3.
• Developing PLC program solutions based on logi.CAD 3 and the MICA.
• Customised development services using logi.CAD 3.


• Programming is simple
• Quick entry
• Good value for the money
• Standardised programming (IEC 61131-3)

A simple programming method for programmable logic controllers has been standardised by IEC 61131-3 for about 20 years. Almost all PLC systems currently meet this standard. So there is an excellent potential for reusing existing solutions, especially in the textual PLC programming language ST (structured text).

logi.CAD 3 from logi.cals lets you program  the digital inputs and outputs of the MICA in accordance with IEC 61131-3. Optional Fieldbus modules can be accessed using Anybus technology and can also be integrated into the PLC program. Modbus-TCP or MQTT are available for communicating with controllers from other manufacturers or with higher-level systems.

The runtime system logi.RTS is used for the cyclic processing of the PLC program on the MICA platform. logi.CAD 3 offers a simple and clear C interface for access to the PLC runtime system using your pre-existing, self-developed,and time-tested C code. This can also be tested on the local PLC with a standard C debugging environment.

PLC programming is simple and creates transparency along with a high reuse value

As the initial training with this technology has already revealed, the starting learning curve is very simple and good results are achievable quickly. The possibilities for using MICA programming with PLC programming languages are almost unlimited. By storing the data in an open text format, optional source management systems such as GIT or revision systems such as GERRIT can also be used.

logi.CAD 3 Engineering-Tool mit ST und FBD-Editor nach IEC 61131-3
The logi.CAD 3 engineering tool with ST and FBD editor, in accordance with IEC 61131-3

About Us

For almost 30 years, logi.cals has been providing tools for programming micro-controllers, and embedded/PLC systems of different performance classes independent of the manufacturer. With logi.CAD 3, the third-generation of logi.CAD, we offer innovative, market-oriented, customised PLC solutions for the OEM market. Our spectrum of services encompasses all areas – from individual training to programming – so we can ensure that our products are used successfully in the context of our OEM solutions.
Author Matthias Jäger
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