MDE extension for remote services

With MICA’s MICA MDE extension for the VIOS live video remote service machine data for the technician can be transferred to the machine.


• Reducing inspection times and downtime
• Reducing travel expenses
• Networking of production systems
• Acquisition of operational and machine data

Scope of Services

• From consulting to system integration


• Video connection to the on-site technician: delivering expert know-how without any lost time
• State analysis using machine data acquisition
• Fast, simple connections are possible to different systems

MICA erfasst Maschinendaten und stellt diese für den Live Video Remote Service bereit

Connect live video remote servicing to machine data

VIOS is designed to improve and accelerate the traditional service processes. When dealing with complex machines and facilities, the expertise of specialists around the globe is often required for inspections. The VIOS system from Bitnamic is used to immediately transfer this expertise to the technician at the machine. This helps to quicken inspections, reduce downtimes and cut travel costs.

With MICA’s MDE extension for VIOS, current and historical machine data can be transmitted in addition to the live video connection. This gives the expert an optimal picture of the situation in order to discuss the solution with the technician on site.


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