Manufacturing analytics for SMEs

The manufacturing analytics platform enables manufacturing companies to increase their manufacturing transparency so they can achieve a complete view of current and historical conditions, more quickly react to problems, and take advantage of new forms of communication on the shop floor. And all these advantages are available for small and mid-sized companies.


• Improved transparency for production
• Quicker response times to problems
• New forms of communication on the shop floor
• Data-based approach to researching and verifying the sources of problems

Scope of Services

• MICA® systems pre-configured with the iplus1 container
• The manufacturing analytics platform for in-house operations or as an ISO27001-certified cloud-based solution
• Integration and merging of existing data sources (from ERP/BDE systems, machines, etc.)
• Dashboards and graphical views can be designed
• The data is analysed together with the customer


• Manufacturing analytics functionality – which was previously reserved for large companies – is now available for small and mid-sized companies
• Open-source software and open interfaces – so not dependent on any manufacturer
• Also available as a cloud-based solution with low operating costs
• Fast and transparent project flows with no production downtimes

Das Bild zeigt in einem Dashboard zwei Graphen von Klimadaten (Temperatur, Luftfeuchte) über die Zeit.
Combining environmental data (climatic data is shown in image) with order data and machine data
Up until now, only the largest industrial companies were able to implement complete data coverage for their manufacturing. This ability to compile a complete database, and to optimise and troubleshoot based on this data was one of the competitive advantages larger companies had over smaller companies.
Now, a combination of the MICA® and the MAP from iplus1 GmbH opens this door for companies of all sizes!
We can achieve – quickly and efficiently – improved transparency in the production process, a complete view of current and historical conditions, shorter reaction times to problems and new forms of communication on the shop floor. In addition, data can now be used to verify problem sources instead of merely relying on hunches.
MICA® collects data efficiently and reliably wherever the data foundation is not yet complete. This can include acquiring environmental data (e.g. climatic data) or collecting data from previously non-networked machines. The iplus1 container selects, cleans and normalises the data. It then sends the data safely to the MAP via a standard IP network. The configuration process takes only a few minutes, does not require an automation technician and normally does not interrupt the production process.
All data is united in the MAP (the ERP data, BDE bookings, machine data, etc.). Functions (such as “Googling” in this data or creating dashboards) are easy to provide so that anyone can research quality problems or find OEE-type parameters. Machine learning methods are also available to calculate complex models for predictive behaviour or to detect anomalies.
Modern technologies such as apps, messengers and push notifications are available to bring this information to the proper employees. Automatic notifications to smartphones or smart watches enable employees to react quickly. Self-adapting threshold values ensure that notifications are actually useful.
The MAP can be used and operated internally by customers. All interfaces are open, so nothing prevents them from developing the platform further. The basic technologies are open-source.
We offer the MAP for on-site operations as well as for ISO27001-certified cloud-based operations. Here, customers benefit from the very low operating costs.
Die Architektur der Manufacturing Analytics Platform
The architecture of the manufacturing analytics platform
Das Bild zeigt in einem Dashboard zwei Graphen von Klimadaten (Temperatur, Luftfeuchte) über die Zeit
Combining environmental data (climatic data is shown in image) with order data and machine data
Das Bild zeigt ein Dashboard mit Anlagenauslastungen
Classic MES functionality – such as OEE or facility utilisation – can be achieved pragmatically

About Us

iplus1 GmbH is a startup from Paderborn Germany founded by data scientists with an industrial background. We help you to implement pragmatic solutions for handling large or diverse quantities of data. Our first solutions include the log data analysis for data centres and a platform for integrating all the data sources for small and medium-sized manufacturing plants.
Author Dr. Oliver Niehörster und Philipp Adelt
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