Continuous Monitoring for an automotive supplier

A production line wasn’t equipped for continuous monitoring. It had to be retrofitted to enable IoT functionality. MICA is used as the edge gateway.

  • A solution that’s capable of monitoring and controlling the status of an automobile supplier’s consistent production machinery and the material flow across the production line.
  • Data and analysis should be available on mobile devices and of course in real time.
Scope of Services
  • Configuration of Harting’s MICA as a Gateway and integration to M2MGo’s cloud services
  • IoT-platform services (PaaS model) for device and data management as well as application development and deployment
  • Flexible and scalable platform solution with a toolset, that’s ready for any IoT or digitalization use case
  • No-coding principle and therefore no IT resources needed
  • Way quicker and cost-effective results when compared to other solutions

Our customer – a worldwide operating supplier for the automobile industry – was looking for a solution capable to monitor status of production machinery and the material flow. Data and analysis should be made available on local and mobile devices and of course in real time. Our costumer already had a first idea how data should be processed and presented to stakeholders in the production site itself and on higher management levels in the company.

Retrofitting for continuous Monitoring using MICA device

Since the production line wasn’t equipped with the sensors needed, relevant parts had to be retrofitting using a wide spectrum of sensors. In this case Harting’s MICA was the preferred edge gateway. Harting’s MICA gateway was set up to preprocess incoming data from sensors and to transfer the outcome to M2MGo’s pst cloud servers.

The gateway was then integrated to M2MGo’s pst-platform. Data is sent via MQTT-protocol. It has many advantages compared to the REST-API protocol which is another standard for data transfer in IoT / smart industry architectures.

Device Management and Application Development for Line of Business users

M2MGo’s pst-platform was used for the development of dashboards with rules for alerts and analysis functions. pst is short for People-Systems-Things. It’s an IoT platform that offers a complete stack for IoT application development without the need of developer resources. It provides the following features:

  • A steadily growing spectrum of integrated sensors and gateways
  • Device management with blueprints for any type of device
  • Data lake comprising incoming data from devices and many other sources being processed within real time for continuous monitoring and prompt date analytics
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor for application development without writing a single line of code
  • deployment via web applications
  • The system can be run ether on the cloud or on premise – directly on any company’s IT system, or in hybrid mode

The range of functions can be expanded if needed. Therefore, pst’s marketplace provides an active ecosystem with related IoT partners.

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