Integrating SAP and the shop floor with MICA

Together with SAP MII, the MICA is being used to directly integrate a packaging facility with SAP ERP. This reduces the IT operations and makes the packaging process more efficient.


• Process optimisation
• Reduce errors by improving IT support
• Increase MA time by reducing IT interactions

Scope of Services

• Process consulting and optimisation
• Design and development of the system for the user
• Creation of hardware and software specifications
• Development of complete vertical integration: from SAP ERP to the facility


• The IT interaction is kept to a minimum so employees can concentrate on their actual work. The solution integrates the manual/semi-automatic packaging workplaces directly with SAP ERP.
• With HARTING's solution, the system pays for itself after the rollouts in less than two years.
• The illustrated process can easily be customised for the customer.
• The integration of the packaged content and the packing materials can be implemented seperately from the larger order processing system.

Layout des vorderen Arbeitsplatzes, Anzeige aller prozessrelevanten SAP und Anlageninformationen
Layout of the front workstation, display of all process-relevant SAP and facility information

In 2015, a pilot project that complied with the Enterprise Integration Layer (EIL) was launched to optimise the packaging station processes in the production. The aim of this project was to simplify the packaging processes by increasing IT support as well as improving support for the employees. The EIL concept entails that all the hardware and software components involved should be controlled via a central application (remotely) and that the operators need only one software program for operations.

EIL software is intuitive to use and can adapt to the particular circumstances within the process

The MICA is used to connect the shop floor directly to the SAP world. It connects the production-oriented SAP solution (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence, or SAP MII) directly to the control system. MICA acts as an OPC UA server and thus allows data to be exchanged with SAP MII. On the other end, MICA communicates with the controller (a Siemens S7-1500) using a TCP/IP-based container, so that all information required for packaging or printing can be exchanged.

Packplatzlayout vor der Projektierung, mehrere IT Systeme, viel Papier, großer Aufwand
Packaging workplace layout before the project planning: several IT systems, a lot of paperwork, complicated
Packplatzlayout nach der Projektierung, zwei Touch-Monitore haben alle Altsysteme ersetzt
Packaging workplace layout after the project planning: two touch screens have replaced all legacy systems

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