Improving equipment lifecycle management with cloud solutions

MICA used to provide a robust and compact industrial grade solution to connect machines to Cloud environment. Using MICA as a gateway enables machine vendors to monitor the delivered equipment online and support customers better.

  • Easily configurable by support staff
  • Provide a robust gateway solution to the AIS EquipmentCloud®
  • Customizable for all kinds of equipment interfaces
Scope of Services
  • Development of a Debian Linux based MICA container
  • Implementation of Node.js software to interface to machines with OPC-UA and TCP/IP
  • Integration of a REST-API to connect to the cloud
  • Fulfill highest security standards
  • Provides reliable connection between equipment and Cloud
  • Seamless integration of the MICA as DIN-Rail component within the electrical cabinet
  • Setup of the Cloud connection integrated in the machine’s operator interface

Monitoring machine performance

 Collecting machine and operation data like alarms, status, throughput and quality related process data from the equipment into the cloud is already possible during the commissioning period of the machine. The acceptance procedure of the machine follows a well-documented process and can be completed faster because all relevant machine data is available including latest documentation and digitized checklists to guide commissioning operations.

Equipment lifecycle management with cloud solutions
Equipment lifecycle management with cloud solutions

Automatic software and firmware distribution

 A system for distributing software updates is implemented to support continuous development and integration of new software functions. Updates are prepared and tagged with a version-number before releasing it to the automatic distribution process. The updates are downloaded to MICA. A final approval by the equipment owner at the machine starts the software installation.

Solution for equipment lifecycle management

A direct connection via the MICA gateway generates additional value for the customer and vendor of the machine during the whole lifecycle of the equipment. New business models for preventive maintenance, remote diagnostics or spare parts management can be implemented.

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