Single part tracking for CNC equipment

MICA used to enable CNC machines to provide single parts tracking and material interlock functionality. It also serves as a gateway to the FabEagle® Line Controller system.

  • Add material tracking and interlock capabilities to all CNC machines
  • Connect directly to CNC machine interfaces for quality data, alarm and status information
  • Collect important process data from the machines with additional sensors
  • Communicate with the FabEagle® Line Controller software for production control
Scope of Services
  • Development of a Debian Linux based MICA container
  • Implementation of Python software to interface to the following devices:
    - TCP/IP protocol to connect DMC scanner
    - MODBUS to connect Wago digital and analog extension modules
    - REST interface to connect FabEagle® Line Controller software
    - GPIOs to connect indicator lights and switches digitally
  • Automatic software distribution and configuration for a fleet of MICAs
  • Hardware selection, configuration and commissioning of the solution
  • Significantly less product quality issues
  • Compliance to tracking requirements of the end customer
  • Improved process stability through process control
  • Robust industrial grade solution for the shop floor

Requirements from Automotive Suppliers

In the Automotive industry the tracking of each single part through the CNC machining process is becoming mandatory. Analyzing the collected data for process improvements and quality control is requested by end customers and provides competitive advantage to the manufacturer.

Equipment lifecycle management with cloud solutions
Equipment lifecycle management with cloud solutions

Material Tracking and Data Acquisition

Adding material tracking capabilities to each CNC machine requires additional hardware like Data-Matrix-Code (DMC) scanners, switches and indicator lights. For the collection of process data that is not available from the interface of the machine e.g. analog flowmeters and temperature sensors are necessary and connected with extension hardware to MICA. Additionally to prevent the machines from starting e.g. in case of potential material mishandling an interlock relay within the CNC machine is controlled by our software.

Automatic distribution of software and configuration

For the fleet of MICAs an automatic configuration and software distribution was developed to support Continuous Development and Integration of updates. The software also supports remote health monitoring and provides maintenance personal in case of hardware failure with automatic software provisioning.

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