Euromap 15 Protocol connection to IIoT systems

Using MICA, 30-year-old injection moulding machines can be integrated into an IoT system with minimal effort. Thus in the virtual world, “old” machines can be used like new, modern devices.


• Connecting old machines to a modern IoT system
• Retrofitting existing systems with minimal costs and time
• Optimising the production process (e.g. improving energy efficiency)
• Optimising the products by correlating product quality <-> Machine production parameters

Scope of Services

• A management shell according to the current reference architecture model from Industry 4.0 ("RAMI 4.0"). So there is a virtual, digital image of the device or machine.
• Conversion of the EUROMAP 15 protocol into an intermediate JSON format
• MICA Basic
• Linux container: node.js, OPC UA


• Open-source software for rapid prototyping and industrial usage
• Modern interface for devices with obsolete communication functionality
• Operating parameters can be read out online
• Production plans can be loaded online onto the machine
• All data can be continuously recorded and saved, so that they are available for many other uses
• Foundation for future predictive maintenance

Centralised machine monitoring and process optimisation are two of the fastest ways towards operating your production facilities more effectively and at lower cost. Since many machines have a life span of 15 to 30 years or more, a lot of existing machinery does not have the computing power or memory to collect, save and transmit the relevant data. In many cases, these machines also use data formats and protocols from the eighties and nineties which are no longer supported by PLCs and industrial PCs.

Injection moulding machines, in this case, had been delivered with Euromap 15 about 30 years ago. This protocol has not been supported for many years and a virtualisation in the MES system was neither economically viable nor desirable for reasons of operational safety.

Digital Twin of an Injection Molding Machine

With its MICA, HARTING IT Software Development has implemented a management shell according to the current reference architecture model from Industry 4.0 (“RAMI 4.0”). So there is a virtual, digital image of the injection moulding machine. Thanks to the modular open-source design of the MICA, existing MICA containers and open-source code could be used and this greatly reduced the development time. The modularity of the MICA and the use of an intermediate JSON format made it possible to integrate the legacy systems with minimal effort by simply replacing the protocol input containers. Other protocols can also be easily supported on the server side by swapping out a container. For example, MQTT or a cloud connector to IBM Bluemix, SAP Hana, or Microsoft Azure are possible.

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