Energy management according to EN 50001 for harsh industrial environments

Energy management for harsh industrial environments, with all the modern features such as Dashboards, Sankey diagrams and heat maps


• Energy measurement data in harsh industrial environments
• Evaluation and visualisation of energy measurement data
• Energy management according to EN 50001
• Optional use of wireless sensor technology

Scope of Services

• enerchart professional energy management software
• System integration for managing energy data according to EN 50001
• MICA Energy used as a robust data concentrator
• Advanced solutions in the field of energy data management and IoT
• Complementary products and connections to wireless sensor technologies using LoRa


By using the MICA Energy together with their enerchart professional energy management software, EPS ENERGY offers a solution which is efficient, versatile and cost-optimised.

Energiedatenmanagement by EPS ENERGY
Evaluations, analyses, reports and dashboards are the foundation of efficient energy management.

Professional energy management in compliance with EN 50001 means more than just visualising and evaluating data. enerchart, from EPS ENERGY, is a state-of-the-art solution with all the modern features (such as dashboards, Sankey diagrams and heat maps) needed to comply with regulatory requirements.

Gathering data from power meters with Modbus S0

In harsh industrial environments, MICA Energy is suitable for use as the data concentrator; it supports both S0 and Modbus RTU for acquiring data from electricity meters, pressure sensors and the like. On the software side, EPS ENERGY’s “Modbus TCP/RTU Bridge” and “enerchart-Mediator” software containers (developed specifically for the MICA) enable total use of data and integration into the enerchart energy management system.


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Energy management solutions from specialists: Based on their decades of experience in energy management, EPS ENERGY offers the knowledge and understanding necessary to implement demanding system solutions. Our aim is to implement the best technical and cost-effective system solution!
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