Condition monitoring via wireless low power networks (LPN)

MICA – as an outdoor-capable LoRa Base Station – can wirelessly receive sensor data from long distances; it serves as the gateway to cloud services.


• Transfering sensor data using wireless low power network technology
• Providing a robust, outdoor base station
• Making recorded data and information useful for other applications, such as condition monitoring

Scope of Services

• LoRa nodes and other multi-sensor products
• LoRa MICA-based base station
• LoRa bridge to Modbus slaves
• LoRa AI, DI and DO, for transmitting standard sensor/actuator signals via LoRa
• Connectivity to cloud systems
• Consulting and system integration


In many industrial and large infrastructure environments, various states and physical variables must be recorded, documented, analysed and monitored. For longer distances, reliable wireless technologies are needed as a cost-effective method for recording the sensor signals.
LoRa's low-power network technology can reliably overcome a distance of several kilometers for low data volumes. A special feature of LoRa is that it can be used not only as a public network (similar to the GSM networks of telecommunication providers) but also operated as a private network. The LoRa MICA-based base server from comtac was specially designed for this type of use.

The comtac AG integrates LoRa™ technology with the MICA platform. A so-called “concentrator” is built into the housing so that a robust, outdoor-compatible LoRa base station is available for communicating with LoRa nodes. The LoRa MICA base station is very simple to use: with Power over Ethernet (PoE), it has the versatility to be installed in many places – even without an electrical cabinet or DIN rail power supply. It is easy to install in locations that are well-positioned for radio transmissions (e.g. under the ceiling of the workplace or in an outdoor area) The receiving and transmitting capabilities correspond to those of a base station, such as those used by telecommunications providers for public networks.

In addition to the MICA base station, comtac also offers other LoRa products suitable for condition monitoring tasks. This includes various multi-sensor products as well as a LoRa bridge to Modbus slaves. There are also additional analogue and digital inputs/outputs (AI, DI and DO) for LoRa which can be used to transmit the standard sensor/actuator signals via LoRa.

 A connection to a cloud-based solution is available. Transfers to large cloud portals or big data systems is also possible. From LoRa sensor via MICA to the cloud! GB

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