Condition monitoring as a retrofit solution for monitoring machines and facilities

The condition monitoring system for monitoring machines and facilities is based on the MICA platform. It is a special retrofit solution for installing into existing facilities.


• Improved machine efficiency
• Designing new possibilities, such as status-oriented maintenance
• Providing process information for the optimisation of production processes

Scope of Services

• From consulting to system integration


• Can be used in different systems and facilities
• Does not affect the availability of the target system
• Simple vertical integration (MES, ERP, cloud)

Condition Monitoring System
Condition monitoring system

In many instances, the responsible person in a production process is already aware that something is wrong with costs, quality or throughput. However, a lack of transparency in the production makes it difficult to determine the exact problem.

The SALT AND PEPPER condition monitoring system, based on the MICA platform, provides new possibilities for monitoring existing facilities. This system can be integrated into existing facilities as a retrofit solution. It carries out all acquisition, processing, evaluation and visualisation of the status (condition) data. Based on this status data, an assessment of the availability and performance factors is made to evaluate the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The machine statuses and conditions are recorded using pre-existing signals or by adding extra sensors into the existing facility.

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